Lynn Ellen Quoted in AIIR Global Coaching Study

Queen & Associates Founder Quoted in AIIR Global Coaching Study: "The 5 Ways Coaching Must Change to Stay Relevant In 2018"

Richmond-based strategic leadership development firm's founder, Lynn Ellen Queen, quoted in a study by AIIR Consulting "The 5 Ways Coaching Must Change to Stay Relevant In 2018." 


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January 16, 2018


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Lynn Ellen Queen




Coaching throughout the system:

“Building coaching cultures will be key to maximizing the engagement and productivity of people in the workplace as coaching will need to reach into levels of the organization previously untouched by coaching.” 

Lynn Ellen Queen, MBA | AIIR Washington, D.C.

Coaching is an essential tool for motivating and empowering individuals at every level of an organization. For many leading organizations, coaching is the invisible competitive advantage responsible for creating leadership excellence. It is also directly linked to business results. The Human Capital Institute (HCI) found in their research that “organizations with a strong coaching culture report recent revenue above their industry peer group (51% of organizations compared to 38% of other responding organizations).”

Knowing this, it is no surprise that over the past 20 years, talent and HR leaders have been seeking ways to expand the application of coaching through the organizational system beyond the C-Suite. While much progress has been made, the current state in many large organizations is multiple coaching initiatives without a single philosophy or strategy cohering the overall coaching practice. For example, in many Fortune 500 organizations, there is an individual charged with fielding and managing senior level coaching requests, a different team involved in implementing an internal coaching strategy, and yet other teams focused on integrating coaching into leadership development programs.

To truly scale coaching in a systematic way, organizations need to focus on “creating coaching cultures” (Nataliya Adelson, Ph.D. | AIIR Princeton). A successful coaching culture drives a common strategy and philosophy, enterprise-wide, to scale coaching, and thereby reap the rewards of maximum human performance.

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