Why B Corp?


The B Corp community believes “when everything is stripped away, the B Corporation movement is about people.” We agree. It all comes down to people who work to better the world around them. Becoming a B Corp allies us with a community of businesses making a difference by working together for positive change. And being a certified B Corp relays to clients and others our commitment both to empowering Humanity@Work and using business as a force for good™.


Q&A’s work in leadership development is focused on the people and groups that drive results. With each leader, team and organization, they work to foster attitudes and cultures of respect and empowerment. These leaders and groups then bring the best of themselves to the challenges they face, effecting transformational change in themselves, their teams, organizations, communities and the world. This is Humanity@Work.


Looking to the future, Q&A helps St. Andrew’s School foster Humanity@School. St. Andrew’s is a K-5 school transforming lives by providing quality education backed by full scholarships to children from families with limited financial resources, nurturing their intellectual, creative, moral and spiritual growth, preparing the next generation of leaders. In addition to supporting St. Andrew's School, Q&A is committed to giving at least 5% of time to other charitable and pro bono work.